Club Viva Salsa Dancing

Many students love to go out and spend a fun night salsa dancing, or at least learning to salsa!
Many students love to go out and spend a fun night salsa dancing, or at least learning to salsa!

On the advice of the upperclassmen, some M1s began to go to the free salsa/bachata lessons at Club Viva, which is a Latin dance club just a few blocks away in the Central West End. While some of us were more experienced than others, we all had a blast learning new dance moves from each other. Although I’d danced before, it was exciting for me to learn in a casual environment. Now we have a pretty sizable group of people that are interested in going dancing. There are several formal dance groups on campus, but we’re happy to remain an unofficial group. One of our classmates is an amazing hip hop dancer, and she’s currently trying to organize a hip hop class for us. Another one of our classmates knows multiple traditional Indian dances and wants to get us involved in this year’s Diwali performances. It’s fantastic to see how creative and diverse our classmates are, whether it is through dance or any other type of art! The best part is that everyone is so willing to share their talents with others, both as teachers and performers.
– J. R. P., M1

Wild Country

Love to hit the dance floor but got no moves? Line dancing may be the solution to all your dance dilemmas! Just a short drive away in Collinsville, Illinois, you can experience the fun of an authentic, line dancing club called Wild Country. Line dancing is really a ton of fun, and I highly encourage it as an experience that everyone should try at least once. While doing so, you can also take in the scene of nearby southern Illinois. Picking up the dances is easier if you arrive a little earlier in the night, when there are less people blocking your view of the regulars’ steps. As it is a country-themed establishment, tolerance of country music is required; however, pop and hip hop genres are mixed in throughout the night if that’s more your style. If you’re lucky, on Wednesdays you may even make it to the big screen as dancing is recorded and aired on ABC channel 30. Pro tip: Wild Country actually sells food upstairs, so if you need some sustenance after dancing your boots off then head up there (or to the nearby Waffle House) for some cheap, much needed revival.
– Hayley M., M1