Tani Sushi Bistro

Tani Sushi Bistro's all-you-can-eat sushi is the best way to celebrate finishing finals.
Tani Sushi Bistro’s all-you-can-eat sushi is the best way to celebrate finishing finals.

Coming from California, I never expected to find good sushi in St. Louis, especially anything that could meet my extremely high standards (for sushi). However, I was happy to find out that Tani Sushi Bistro, located in Downtown Clayton, has great sushi and appetizers. They have a lot of standard rolls, including nigiri and handrolls, that all use extremely fresh fish. Even better are the rolls. With rolls like the Oh My God! roll (a roll that’s on fire) and the Jurassic Park roll, Tani Sushi Bistro has a huge variety of creative rolls to choose from. There are also plenty of options for those who don’t like seafood, such as bento boxes, noodle plates and rice dishes. Most importantly, Tani Sushi Bistro has some awesome cocktails. If you’re looking for a nice sushi joint with a club-like vibe, make sure to check this place out!
– Tina H., M1

Remy’s Kitchen and Wine Bar

Remy’s is a great Mediterranean wine bar to head to in Clayton if you want to get out of the CWE. The menu offers a mix of tapas-style small plates and standard entrée sized plates. They also serve complimentary olive tapenade with bread to hold you over while you wait for your food! The scallops with spinach and goat cheese, veal meatballs, and the grilled salmon with soy and honey glaze are all absolutely delicious. Of course, the wine selection is also abundant and they offer wine “flight” tastings with three different wines to pair with your food. On certain nights, there is live Spanish-style music that adds to the light atmosphere of the restaurant. Overall, the combination of great food and a relaxing environment makes Remy’s a great choice for a night out with a date, family or friends.
– Tamara C., M1

Half and Half

If you love brunch, then you need to try Half and Half in Clayton! It is a super cute local eatery with a cozy, kitschy atmosphere and tasty all-day (well, it closes at 2 p.m.) breakfast and brunch food. On weekends it can get busy since it is also popular among undergraduates, so you may need to wait a bit before being seated. A few favorites are the Clara cakes (a different take on pancakes), the salmon “hash,” and of course you can’t go wrong with their breakfast sandwiches served on fresh biscuits. They also have weekend specials that are always unique and just as delicious as the rest of their menu items. If you go, don’t forget to order the homemade donuts and a cup of coffee to pair them with!
– Tamara C., M1


Pastaria, located in the heart of downtown Clayton, is the perfect place to de-stress with classmates, to get treated by parents, and even to carry-out from for late nights at the Danforth Campus library. The wood-burning ovens and hearty conversations fill this modern trattoria with warmth and comfort, making the Pasteria a wonderful restaurant for any occasion! First, begin with freshly baked bread with a selection of dipping oils. Definitely do not skip the crispy risotto balls with herb aioli and marinara. The perfect treat after an anatomy exam! Looking for something a little more “guilt-free”? Get your daily dose of folates from the shaved kale salad! Or if you’re feeling a little less traditional, try the delicate orange and olive salad, garnished with tarragon. Then the main attraction: PASTA! There is a flavor to satisfy all taste buds. Need the meat? Try the garganelli with rich braised beef. Vegetarian? Try the chitarra al pomodoro with fresh basil and tomatoes. And my personal favorite, the cacio e pepe! It’s basically an adult-ified macaroni and cheese! Finally, be sure to save room for an assortment of gelato and sorbetto. Visit the counter to sample each flavor before bringing home a pint of your favorite! Pastaria is no secret, which means that the restaurant can get pretty crowded! But not to worry! Download the app NoWait to avoid the long line!
– Caroline M., M1


Companion is a café style restaurant that serves fresh bread, pastries, salads, soups and sandwiches. Located in Clayton, you can find it within walking distance of the Sweat boxing gym. Walking into Companion you’re immediately greeted with the scent of freshly baked bread. No matter if you’re looking for a tasty lunch date spot, a palliative hangover meal, or post workout snack, Companion has you covered. Their French dip sandwich is subpar to none, and it’s always nice to pick up a fresh loaf of bread or a pastry for later. With plenty of outdoor seating, it’s a great place to eat outside during nice weather. Price ranges around $10-15.
– Connor L., M1

City Coffeehouse + Creperie

Whether it's gooey butter cake or a delicious handmade donut from John’s Donuts, your sweet tooth will never go unfed in St. Louis.
Whether it’s gooey butter cake or a delicious handmade donut from John’s Donuts, your sweet tooth will never go unfed in St. Louis.

As awesome as the Central West End is, sometimes you just need to escape it. The perfect place to get brunch after a grueling week of exams or a lazy Sunday is the City Coffeehouse and Creperie. Located in downtown Clayton, a neighborhood 15 minutes west of campus, the Eurocafé-style Creperie is the coziest place to eat amazing food and catch up with friends (and drink mimosas, if you’re into that). As a St. Louis native, I have been going here with my high school friends for years, and I consider it one of my favorites in the city. I highly suggest getting a savory crepe on buckwheat and a sweet crepe on white flour, and splitting with a friend. There are multitudes of combination options, and you can have something completely different every time you go. Definitely an STL must-try!
– Tanvi S., M1