Broadway Oyster Bar

I’ve never been a huge fan of Cajun food, but Broadway Oyster Bar changed my mind. Hidden on a small street in downtown St. Louis, this restaurant looks a bit dive-y at first, but it quickly becomes charming and inviting once you enter. Broadway Oyster Bar serves traditional Creole dishes like gumbo and shrimp etouffe, but, as the name states, they also excel in oysters. They have a wide variety of oysters to choose from, and they’re all fresh and delicious. Broadway Oyster Bar also has live music on the weekends, so this is a great place to go with friends!
– Tina H., M1

Bailey’s Range


Just outside the heart of downtown, Bailey’s Range is a true St. Louis gem. It’s is a burger joint and bar combo, with so many options you couldn’t possibly exhaust them in your time at WUSM (even if you’re in the MSTP). Their shakes are also incredible. Boozy-shakes are their specialty, but the non-alcoholic options are just as good! They also have a “burger battle of the month,” where two unique burger options compete to be the most ordered, and the most popular burger stays on the menu. In the later hours of Fridays and Saturdays, Bailey’s Range becomes a pretty popular social scene as well. Overall, it is one of the best burger and shake places you’re ever going to find. I highly recommend you try it.
– Nick S., M1